Engineering design

  • Complex Mechanical Assemblies
  • Complex Electronics Packaging
  • Complex Plastics Assemblies
  • Environmental Sensor Packages
  • Test Fixtures
  • Sensor Platforms
  • Tolerance Stack and Interference
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Submersible Vehicle Design
    • Housing and Hull Section Designs
    • End Caps
    • Deep Ocean Pressure Vessels
    • Trim Systems
    • Variable Buoyancy Systems
    • Drop Weight Assemblies
    • Maintenance Cradles and Carts
    • Electronics Packaging
    • Electronics and Sensor Integration
    • Complex Electronics Chassis Design
    • Launch and Recovery Systems
    • O-Ring Seals
    • Support and Auxiliary Equipment 

sand castings

  • Prototype and Low Volume Castings
  • Convert 2D Drawings Into 3D Models for Mold Design
  • Design Printed Sand Molds
  • Facilitate Casting
  • Complete Final Machining as Required

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inventors & startups

  • Develop Ideas and Concepts into Viable Products
  • Build and Test Prototypes
  • Prepare Drawing Packages for Production
  • Network of Manufacturers​
  • Production Support

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  • Stress Analysis
  • Weight Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis 
  • Cost Analysis

prototyping & production

  • Manage Prototyping Needs
  • Build Prototypes
  • Manage Production Needs
  • Project Builds and Assembly

the design process

We help solve your company's most challenging design needs using a multi-step design process. We start with problem identification, research, and conceptualization to develop a set of possible solutions. A solution is then selected based on factors such as customer requirements, manufacturability, and cost. We then carry the product into a detailed design phase, through production planning, prototyping, testing, and production. 

recent projects include

  • Underwater Vehicle Design
  • Automated Machinery Design
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Plastic Injection Molded Part and Assembly Design
  • Prototype / Low-volume Sand Casting Mold Design
  • Inventor Projects

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